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The Active Health Vest (Helsevesten) - The only patented posturevest

To create backpressure at the spine there needs to be a stable resistance. (it´s not
enough with a piece of cloth) That is why we use a backrail in the vest.
The Work and Fashion Health Vests is the only posturevest with backrail.
It´s this that makes our products uniqe and constitutes an important part of the patent.

The patented uniqe backplate in our vest make the difference against other
products. It´s in the backplate you get the full support allowing The Active
Healthvest really work for a better posture.

To make the vest work optimally, there need to be a backpressure in the thoracic
spine, so that the spine can open up.
When the spine opens the chest expands outward and downward so the
diaphragm receives its natural function, also called the abdominal breathing. When
posture and breathing synchronize in this way, it improves the position of the
entire spine as it is activated, and strenghtens all the way from the tailbone up to
the top neck-vertebrae


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